Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm So Excited!!!

To quote one of my favorite movies, Almost Famous, "it's all happening!" The book is finished, as of right now! The name of the book is Magic Hair: My Experiences with Lace Wigs. I've added the last of the pictures just now. I made a Picasa photo album of all the photos in the book, since the book is black & white - the link is to the right >>>>. I'm so EVERYTHING! I didn't think that my first book would be a reference book, but here it is. Now I send it to CreateSpace, and do the "proof dance". After that stage, it will be published. I prefer the POD route, because I don't want to be saddled with a hundred books in my trunk. I'm beyond excited. Stay tuned for the link to buy the book. Please buy the book... was that wrong for me to say that?

Here's an update on the Caruso curlers:

I love the steam curlers. It's cool to use them as you're getting ready. You can do your makeup while you're waiting for the curls to set. A light spray of the TRESsemme Tres Two hairspray, and you're done.

We're going to the beach for the first time this season, so I'm putting the curly back on. I'm going to cut the horrific bangs off, and cut the unit like I said I wouldn't do (I always do what I say I won't do). I'm going to cut the wig tomorrow (too tired and a little drunk right now) and sew it on. It's a beast though... whew. I've gotten wind of another band wagon - Eqyss Survivor Super Detangler and Cowboy Magic Detangler. I don't have it yet. I'm going to wait.

I'm also going to learn how to ventilate wigs, so I can eventually make my own. I'm so excited. So much is happening!

Stay tuned!

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