Monday, March 15, 2010

I've Been Hit By a Bolt of Lightning!

I was having dinner with LOML the other night, and it hit me: I should write a book about my experiences with lace wigs! Actually, the seed was planted by my beautiful daughter about a week ago. She was telling me all the horror stories about unexperienced stylists jacking up people's lace wigs and charging them an arm and a leg, and that there were times when she wanted to call me for advice. Then I thought about all the questions I get regarding lace wigs. It all came together. I started writing on the 13th. I got permissions from Rex, Ms Lola, Hair Direct, and Annette. I'm still waiting on Russ (BHM) and The Lace Wig Connection. I'm trying to keep it as generic as possible. It's flowing out of me. I'm already on chapter 2. It's practically writing itself. I'm so excited. There is a need for this book. Stay tuned.

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