Saturday, March 27, 2010

Things Are Moving Right Along!

The book was approved by the publisher (CreateSpace - still a publisher to me). The dpi was too low on all of the pictures, so I skipped receiving a proof, re-scaled all of the pictures in GIMP, put back the ones I took out, added a few things here and there, and re-uploaded the PDF. The members of CreateSpace's forum are so helpful. I almost wanted to include in my acknowledgements two of the people that really helped me with my photos. Hopefully, I'll get an email tomorrow telling me the proof is ready. I'm so excited. I have a feeling that I'm going to experience a little hateration from the BHM, but I don't care. This is my experience. I had to give a visual shout out to my favorite show - Sex & The City; the cover of my book is SATC pink! I'm so excited. I hope people buy it. If the ventilating DVD is $50, I think $14.99 is reasonable for lace wig knowledge. I'm broke and I'd buy it, lol. It should be available at, and other outlets. Stay tuned.

In lace wig news, I've officially killed my new Rex virgin Malaysian curly. I don't even want to talk about it. I should have just ordered a virgin Malaysian loose curly. Other than my own hair, I'm never ordering tight curlies again. Instead of throwing the hair away, I'm going to use it to ventilate the front of my wig.


  1. What? Girl I just ordered this unit in 18". it's my first Rex purchase! wHAT HAPPENDED.

  2. It definitely wasn't Rex's fault. I got too happy with the scissors! I'm going to use the hair to ventilate the front of my wigs. I cut the bangs too short, then I cut the wig up. I just should have left it alone. Buy a Denman brush for the curly, and brush it when it's wet.