Monday, April 12, 2010

Now What???

The book is done. Two copies have sold (yea me)! Now what? It's time for the music. I promised Andrew that I wouldn't pick up another project (other than trying to find a job). Once the royalty checks start coming in from book sales, I'll buy ventilating tools. I'm going to start off ventilating the three wigs I have. Then I'll move into making the wigs.

I'm so excited, because it was announced that my favorite musical group is coming to Mountain View on August 9th - RUSH!!! I saw them last in 2008 (2007 before that, same tour). I still love them, and I still listen to Snakes & Arrows like it was released yesterday. They're touring behind 1981's Moving Pictures (Tom Sawyer anyone?). I think that's the new trend, to play an album in its entirety. Moving Pictures only has 7 songs on it, so we're all wondering what other songs they'll play. This concert will also be poignant for me and Andrew, because when we met, our first conversation was about RUSH. We have RUSH tattoos - we're crazy about them. I can't wait!

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