Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

We went to see Sex and the City 2 tonight. I'm still processing it. I thought the Abu Dhabi portion was too long. Aidan looked gorgeous, Big looked thinner, not enough screen time for Steve, great scenes for Charlotte and Miranda, hot guy for Samantha, Smith looked gorgeous, Liza Minnelli looked just like her mother Judy, not enough of Penelope Cruz (she and Big should have had an almost affair), I totally missed Mariah Carey (just as well too), and Carrie was Carrie. I'll get it on DVD just because it's SATC, but the first movie was better... there, I said it. I wish I could walk in heels like they do.

I got a new LF wig delivered today, from Lace Beauty Secrets From A2Z. It is gorgeous. It's an 18" #2 Indian Remy Body Wave. I've never had a body wave before. The cap is perfection (meaning no PU). Charlotte (the owner) is great. They are based in Washington (state). She also included 99% alcohol, a 2" self adhesive wrap, a tan wig cap, orange wood sticks, a 1oz tube of Vapon, a pkg of Supertape, a small bottle of Nearly Natural Softening Spray, HPH Knot & Tape Tab Sealer Spray, and a tube of Fray Block. She hooked me up! Here's hoping to adding her as my new vendor. In turn, I'm going to make her a couple of application videos tomorrow. I'm so excited, because I will be able to attach my nape. I concede - the wigs look so much better with the napes. I'll just have to deal with the pulling of the nape hairs. I haven't had a new wig since the curly malaysian debacle. I've got the hybrid on the canvas wig head right now ready to be ventilated. I sewed the lace onto it, but that lace (from ebay) looks just like the lace I bought from Beverly's Fabrics and Crafts. My angel mama Dede (Nrrrlkl from YT) is sending me some good (authentic) lace.

I'm definitely wearing this wig to the Rush concert (Aug 9th).

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