Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

I'm wearing the Indian Remy Body Wave, and it's got to be the best wig I've ever had. The reverse ventilation makes the hairline look so realistic:

The hair is a bit darker than a #2, but it's lovely. I have to take care of this wig. No cutting off the nape, no cutting of the hair, No coloring it... maybe a couple of sprays of the Sun In.

I got this wig from Lace Beauty Secrets From A 2 Z.


  1. you look amazing !! this hair is so pretty!!

  2. Hi! I happened across your Youtube page and I must say that you're a whiz at applying your wigs! I just ordered this particular wig to try. If I do a decent job, I think I'll graduate to the Pretty Girl wig you have. Questions- Do you have any more pics with you in this body wave wig? and How is your Pretty Girl wig holding up? Is it worth it? Thanks!


  3. The Indian Remy Body Wave really blends well and just looks like your own natural hair. You cannot tell that it is just a wig. reviews

  4. I've been wearing extensions for over 10 years and I must say you have the best quality hair that's on the market and trust me I've tried several lol. reviews

  5. Hey did u buy the wig exactly like tht or custom made