Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Waiting for the Paint to Dry...

I haven't neglected my hair. I mainly let it do its own thing. I don't comb it, but I wet it and combed some MegaTek through it today. I'm so in love with my hair. It's doing what I've always wished it to do... had I had the patience to let it. Maybe my hair is the metaphor for life - just let it be. Who knows...

I'm about to order my ventilating supplies. Just the canvas head, needles (and holder), the dvd. I'm on the fence about the drawing cards. I'm going to order the hair from Rex. Here goes!

I'm finishing the painting today. I love looking over, through the kitchen door and seeing that pop of color. Who do I think I am???

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  1. Hey Dana! You are so ridiculously talented. Your socks are so cute, your hair is beautiful! I enjoy the freedom, too, of washing my hair and not combing it.I've been experimenting with products so you gotta tell me some good ones for us curly girls.

    Isn't it funny how colors evoke certain memories? When I saw your kitchen, I thought about quit a few people we know!


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