Sunday, June 27, 2010

Do I Still Have Hair?

So much has happened since my last post. Most importantly, I am now gainfully employed. At this time I won't reveal my employer, but suffice it to say, I'm very happy. Great pay, great benefits, my own cubicle. To some, this may seem like a prison, but to someone who's not worked since April 2008, it's like I've hit the lottery. Funny thing is, I wore my Indian Remy Body Wave during the interview process, but as soon as I got hired, I've worn my own hair. It's too stressful to be worried about if my app is clowing during training, and I didn 't feel like having to explain my hair situation. More on my hair situation in a minute.

I'm so happy that my favorite band, Rush, was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame on June 25, 2010. I wish I could have been there to see it. Their movie "Beyond the Lighted Stage" came on VH1 Classic yesterday, and it was wonderful. Andrew ordered it from I love Rush, and I'm so proud of my tattoos. I'm still wearing my Indian Remy Body Wave to that concert, and if people at work trip, I'll just say it's my "concert" hair.

We also got new phones this weekend. We got (2 for 1) the LG Ally. It's a touch screen with all the doodads, more than I need, of course. I want some games (Monopoly), so I'll have to get my whine on.
Back to my hair... so after I was offered the job, I decided to refresh my hair color, and to cover my grays (for a more conservative look). I decided on (box color) L'Oreal Preference Dark Ash Blonde... guess what color it decided to be? JET BLACK!!!!

What the F??? So after wearing it like that for a week, I decided that jet black is too dark for me, for the summer. So yesterday, I made my monthly pilgrammage to Sally's Beauty, and I got Color Fix (Jherri Redding). Today, I attacked my problem. It was pretty easy - mix step 1 and step 2 in equal parts and apply. Put a plastic cap on and wait for 30 minutes. Then shampoo out. A nice bright orange:

Then add step 3 (the processing lotion), wait for 5 minutes, then rinse out. The processing lotion turned it from fire orange to a nice medium brown:

Then I decided to re-dye my hair Dark Warm Blonde (Ion Color Brilliance Demi Permanent Creme Hair Color) and guess what color it came out to be? You guessed it, BLACK!!! Again!!!
(what the F is going on????)

So immediately, I blow dried my hair and started over. I'm lucky that I didn't use all the remover solutions. I did it again, but this time, I was too scared to re-dye my hair. After the processing lotion step (which turns it medium brown), I rinsed it and left it the medium brown:

Whew! So I have Silk Elements Luxuy Moisturizing Conditioner in my hair right now. My hair doesn't feel over processed, and it's still curly. What a disaster, but it turned out okay. I used to be a pro at coloring my hair, but today, my skills are in question. None of my hair came out, so I guess that I won...
We got a treadmill this week also, so the weight WILL come off. We've been walking almost everyday but we're going hard core with the treadmill.
I still haven't gotten a grip of this past week. Maybe that's good that I haven't been able to think about it so much... might freak myself out. I'm reading Dale Carnegie's books (How to Win Friends, and The 5 People Skills). I want to be good at this job... not conquer the world, but help people.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Textlax Day!

I textlaxed today. I was trying to hold off until maybe August, but I've gotten several requests to do a textlax video. I did the video today, and I'm in the process of editing it. I think reaching my goal of shoulder length by December is more reality than dream. I was scared that I left the cream on too long, and that I would run out, but I didn't in either case. I did run out, but I had enough to finish. I like my new method, of parting from ear to ear, still working with the front section first, then I made two parts to create three sections (middle, right and left). I do vertical partings, then I do horizontal partings, still combing the roots just a bit. The ends are safe and curly, so I'm going for hangtime now. I'm very happy with the results:

^^before the textlax

^^after the textlax, wet with Noodlehead Leave-In Conditioner scrunched throughout

^^air dried

Hopefully, I won't text again until September. I won't even buy anymore until then, just to be on the safe side. I'm still using Silk Elements MegaSilk Mild formula. I think I'll MegaTek tomorrow. I'm so close to having my beach hair, I can feel it (the wind blowing through my hair). I just realized that I totally missed May's growth update picture, so I have to blow it out sometime this week and take a June pic.

On the lace front (ha), my last application, that I removed yesterday, was an all adhesive app, with tape just behind the ears. It felt lighter, if that makes sense, and the removal was quicker, but I'm going back to tape. The front began to peel back, and if I'm not mistaken, with it being so hot here lately, I was in a job interview and when I got out (two hours later) I looked in the mirror, and I could see the adhesive in the very front. Instant mortification. I'm sure that when I use tape and adhesive, the lace does not slide back. Lesson learned.

The babies are so out of control, but sometimes they're really sweet. Cygnus has an independent personality, and Lyra has an almost needy personality. Most times, I can't tell them apart by looking at them. Lyra loves to snuggle up on my chest while I'm working at my laptop. They love to steal drinking straws. Overall, they're sweet babies.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back to the Regular Grind

We're back. We came home a day early because we were worried about the kittens (still very out of control). This was a good trip. We actually rode the horses I took pictures of (last year). A whole hour on a horse is an extremely long time. Now I know what saddle sore means. I wanted to take the camcorder, but I put safety first. I kept pretending I was Charlotte in the episode when she conquered her fear of horses (because Tatty threw her). My horse was a 15 year old filly named Camillia. It's a lot different than I imagined.

I did film our Yosemite hike (see above). Getting that close to the waterfall was... unbelieveable. I had a run-in with a dead bat back at the cabin (almost traumatizing).

The indian remy body wave behaved. My nape began to itch, so I'm going to forego using tape on my nape for my next app. I had a couple of lift issues on the sides of my nape, but my trusted Hair Direct White Adhesive took care of it. I removed the app and cleaned the unit today. I'm debating if I'm going to put it back on tomorrow.