Sunday, August 1, 2010

Aphogee 2 Step Treatment

I was on BHM (as I always am) in the hair breakage section. The consensus pointed to the Aphogee 2 Step Treatment, so I went to Sally's yesterday and got some (along with their version of Nexxus Humectress, and some Silk Elements Moisturizing Leave In, in a tiny jar - wish it was in the large bottle). I couldn't get to it because I was giving my two LFs the "Tootsie's Mom's No Glue No Tape method":

I still need to work on the temple area and the sideburn area, but with the clips, it seems like it will hold tight. I'm going to braid my hair on Friday night and wear them all weekend, because the concert is Monday night. Stay tuned.

So I got around to doing the Aphogee 2 Step Treatment today. I followed the instructions to the letter (comb the hair to untangle, put the treatment on - wish I would have gotten the large bottle, because I had to use both of the packets I bought; pile the hair on top of the head, sit under a dryer until dry and hard, rinse out completely, put the Balancing Moisturizer on, for 2 minutes, rinse out and proceed with further styling). My hair is still coming out, but I'm being very careful not to comb it or be rough with it. I also rinsed it with the Clairol Beautiful Honey Brown (my go to color). I've slapped a lightweight head band on and I'm letting it dry. Hopefully, I can recover from this. This is totally my fault because I started with the relaxer in the back and did my whole head, instead of doing the back first, rinsing, neutralizing, THEN doing the front. I've made a MS Works calendar and I've set my textlaxing schedule on it. It's going to remind me EVERY THREE MONTHS to textlax. My next textlaxing session should be in November. I'm not even blinking about it. I'm going to keep moisturizing more often than proteining. I'm still going to Mega-Tek when in braids (under my LFs). I've got to recover from this. I'm confused on how the 2 Step Treatment is to work. I'm still researching it.

As for new products, it's all about moisture, so when I get paid again, I'm going to get more of the Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer and the Aphogee Deep Moisture Shampoo. I've got to start "listening" to my hair.

After the 2 Step Protein treatment, the Balancing Moisturizer, and the Honey Brown rinse:
^^ where the end of the headband is and where my fingers are is where most of the breakage occured. That's the area that I textlaxed first.
My new textlaxing oath:
1. I will NEVER textlax my whole head at one time.
2. I will NEVER start in the back.
3. I will ALWAYS part my hair in as many sections as I need (starting in the front and working my way to the back, that way I can rinse a section and move to the next section without getting the subsequent sections wet.
If my hair bounces back from this travesty, this will be a hard lesson learned.

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