Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hello Esty, here I come!

Very exhausted, but it's under construction:

Creative Magic

Handmade knits, the "Bracelet", my music, lace wig application DVDs, etc.

Finally, a commercially creative outlet for my expansive output.

Stay tuned.

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  1. I Need REX(Junpeng) HELP
    hello my name is amber and ok im trying to order a wig from rex. i went to the store to send a western union. they want a city code and they wanna know if they are quick collect? Before i send my money to China, i need to know what the best way to send my money so i know they will get it. they havent responded to my questions they just repley with their address. What would u reccomed using money gram, western union, or what? do i need the city code if so do you know it? im confused but i really want a wig this week!! please help me. my e-mail is and im ordering a virgin chinese. have u ever bought a chinese wig from them? and are they any good? thanks sooo much lirgyttiw please email me. thanks