Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why Did I Have to Get Sick on the Weekend?

I'm posted up in my bed, watching my Batman 1966-1968 dvds and my Brady Bunch box set. I'm sick with some kind of flu. I started feeling really weary yesterday afternoon and I couldn't wait to get off work and hole up in my bed. Armed with my pharmaceuticals (Halls Cherry cough drops, Theraflu, Andre's Champagne, and aspirin), I'm good to go. I love that sleep you get when you're sick. My cats are getting on my nerves though.
Well, it looks like I'll be wearing these this fall:

Even with some jean shorts with white socks peeping out from the top, I'll be channelling Madonna (first two pictures). I ordered them last week from, and they should be here sometime this week. I hope they don't smell like gasoline. They were only 69 bucks!

I'm getting the writing itch again, especially since I know how easy it's going to be to publish through CreateSpace.
I have to get started on my "Rush Project" - a list of all my favorite Rush songs translated to acoustic guitar by me. I started learning "Natural Science" last week; it's coming along fine.
Back to sneezing, my throbbing throat and the Brady episode where Marcia joins Greg's Frontier Scouts and Peter becomes a Sunflower Girl.

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