Sunday, September 12, 2010

2nd Aphogee Treatment

Before the treatment:

The breakage on the back left side:

The Aphogee 2 Step Treatment:
The last time I did this was six weeks ago, to the day (I put it on a calendar, and I've scheduled them out). I have the bigger bottle, so I was was liberal with the application. It has the weirdest smell. I can't describe it, but I'm so glad that I have to do this only every six weeks. I followed it up with the Balancing Moisturizer and Mega Tek scalp treatment. I can't tell if the Aphogee 2 Step Treatment is working. I'll keep doing it every six weeks though.

Let's talk about the breakage. My hair is still breaking off especially on the left back side (see middle pictures). The top pictures show that the rest of my hair can cover the spots, and they're growing in from me putting Mega Tek directly on those spots. I'm so tempted to cut it all off and start again, but I'm not going to. The new growth is NATURAL. I haven't textlaxed since the disastrous last time, and I'm not due to do it again until November 15. I may not even do it then. I'm so scared. I just want to baby my hair until it stops breaking off, or until it's double the length, and I can cut off all the over processed hair. I have to say that my hair is the longest it's ever been , in my life, curly or straight. Other than sitting under the dryer to dry the Aphogee treatment, I've not put any heat on my hair since April 2009. What a journey. I have pinpointed the breakage to be from when I used the dye remover a couple of months ago. I shouldn't have ever done that. Big Lesson learned. Luckily, with my new growth as curly as it is, I can disguise my bald spots. I haven't worn a LF since August. I'm still working on getting a shorter one.

I received the greenish blue niobium jump rings, so I will start making the new Rearden Metal bracelets, in a chainmaille pattern. They will be a bit more expensive because the niobium is expensive. I love how all of this has led to me learning how to make wire jewelry. I can't wait to set up my Esty shop with all my stuff. I have to break out my knitting needles. That's what fall and winter mean to me. Knitting season.

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