Saturday, September 25, 2010

Five Hours... FIVE HOURS! And all I got was this...

It took me 5 hours just to get to this point. I knew that the art of the chainmaille would be difficult to learn. It finally began to look like something around 5:45 am. I'm encouraged. I also know that with all the manpower, the new and improved "Rearden Metal Bracelets" will probably be $75.00. Price increase due to cost of the blue/green niobium jumprings (and the difficulty getting them), the blue/green niobium bracelet clasps (if I can find them), and the LABOR. Chainmaille is labor intensive. If I can't find the niobium clasps, I'm either going to make them, or I'll use copper.

I love the full persian weave. When I look at it, it reminds me of the railroad. I've been staring at other weaves, which I will do, but for now, it's the full persian for the Rearden Metal Bracelet. Back to the bench!

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