Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I HAD to do it... don't hate me!


I know I said I would wait until January 2011, but I couldn't. I had to textlax! There was no way in HELLO that I could stretch that long. The last time I did a full textlax was the disastrous time on July 27th (I did a touchup on my edges on Sept 23, for all of a minute or two). I did it correctly this time - front section, shampoo, back section, shampoo. I did not comb through the roots this time. There were very few strands in the sink (yea!), and I immediately followed up with an Aphoghee 2 Minute Reconstructor. So far, so good. My new growth was off the chain. I was starting to dread up (see second right picture above). I did love my curly new growth nape hairs (from the bad breakage area), and upon closer inspection just now, I didn't straighten them. They're just looser. Hopefully, I won't touch the creamy crack until January. That breakage scared the crap out of me.... but it was my own doing (the color remover experiment gone wrong).


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