Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Getting things back on track!

Okay, I've noticed that this is a hair blog, and for the last month, all I've been talking about is jewelry... yes, it's my new passion, and yes, the less I touch my hair, the more it will stay on my head. So, I've been able to wear my hair in a pony puff for the last week... yes, I'm lazy. My new job hours are kicking my ass. I need a couple of days where I can just sleep. I promise to post new hair pictures.

Oh yeah, the jewelry has its on blog: Creative Magic. When I bought my ventilating supplies, I thought I had found my niche, but it's actually jewelry making. I feel like anything's possible with making jewelry, and people are actually buying it... not that I thought they wouldn't, but it's actually happening. Anyway, mosey on over there and check things out. I promise to keep the two seperated from now on, lol.

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