Sunday, November 28, 2010

Off the wig wagon!

Okay, after staring at the pitiful pictures below, and to also stop wetting my hair for the winter season, I put on the only viable wig I have left... which I hate... my fault because I cut these ridiculous bangs into it. It's all I have for right now, so I slapped it on my head. I put it on Thanksgiving Eve night, and I've been wrapping it every night. My own hair is so thick underneath, and I have this ridiculous braid bump in the front, which brings me to this blog. For the next time (next week), to keep it flat, I'm going to wrap my own hair flat before I put the ace bandage on. I forgot that I have to buy a new hair dryer because my old one broke... damn. Which brings me to my new point: finally, I'm buying a new wig on Friday. I know I talked about getting a 12" virgin malaysian for awhile, but I'm going to check out the 18" virgin brazillian (2 Ls or 1?) I want it fairly straight, and 18" is a good length for a pigtail option. I'm still on the fence with believing the origins of the hair. I'm craving the least amount of fuss at this point in my life. I'll keep you posted.... I may even take pictures of this app before it starts to clown and get ugly.

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