Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Finished reading "Curly Like Me" by Teri LaFlesh

I just finished reading Teri LaFlesh's "Curly Like Me". I got the idea of using the Denman brush from her website. Her journey was remarkable. My take away tip for regrowing my natural hair: use tons of conditioner, as a shampoo, a rinse, and a comb through. Hair conditioner is the magic elixir. She recommends Aussie Moist, the Herbal Essences line, and the Tressemme line, all of which I use. She recommends not to rinse the comb through rinse. She recommends to wash your hair maybe once every seven days. I do all of this, and will continue to do this. I'm going to forgo textlaxing too, to see how far I can get. My new growth is not that unruly. I may chronicle this go 'round, I don't know. The best advice is to just let the hair grow with the least amount of manipulation. No chemically altering treatments. She's given me the courage to stop textlaxing. We'll see. I still feel good about cutting my hair off and starting over.

I'm still getting "wiggy" with it, and will do so for awhile. I may order my 14" virgin malaysian loose curly this Friday (dipping into my Apple MacBook Pro fund no less).

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I did it! I cut off all my hair (again)!

I thought long and hard about cutting my hair. After the dye removing fiasco, I knew it was a matter of time. It's only hair, and thank God for lace wigs (when I want to wear them). I cut it to the new growth. 15 minutes after I cut my hair off today, I had an appointment with my eye doctor. As I walked to his office (his office is that close to my house), I felt liberated, walking through a tony town with short curly hair. I thought my boyfriend would shit bricks when he came home, but he just said "oh, you cut your hair." He wasn't surprised. What led me to this drastic move was last night, when I finally removed the new Rex virgin malaysian, I washed my hair, and as I combed it with the large shower comb, it was coming out like I was picking cotton. I've grown tired of hiding that short side (the left side). I've grown tired of being scared to comb my hair. All of that has led me to start over. I know my hair inside and out, and I betrayed it, with color fickleness. No more. From now on, back to lace wigs and textlaxing every 3-6 months. It wasn't the textlaxing that damaged my hair, it was when I used the dye remover. That was too harsh of a treatment. I should have left well enough alone. This is my punishment/liberation. Back to Megatek, Biotin, homemade oil mixtures, and wearing lace wigs. I filmed me cutting my hair, so I can put it on YouTube.
Speaking of lace wigs, I frankenlaced a wig tonight. I cut the nape off of the Indian Remy Body Wave from Lace Wig Secrets and the front off of my old virgin malaysian loose curly (frankenlace #1) and sewed it to the nape of the IRBW. It looks great. I'll take pics tomorrow, when I put it on. I'm ordering a 14" Virgin Malaysian loose curly on 12/31.... and that will be it.
What a day!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Look at this lovely hair!

My new 18" Rex Virgin Malaysian Natural Straight. First off, I swear this bad boy has about 150% density. It's so thick. There are no polyurethane strips inside the cap (love it!). I used the CreaClip on it on Monday. Just one cut, and I got these results. That thing is amazing. Just brush the hair into your hand, place the clip around the hair, cut with sharp scissors (or hair clippers is what I used), and voila! Layers! It's about due to come off, but I don't have that much Goo Gone spray, so I'll remove it next Wednesday.... wash it and put it on again. My Indian Remy Body Wave has a huge bald spot in the back from me rubbing that incessant itch (I think I'm allergice to Walker No Shine tape on my nape). I have the hair to re-ventilate, but I don't have the time. I'm going to order a virgin malaysian body wave from Rex at the end of the month. I think maybe 16" or 14"... Selma Hayak's hair in "Grownups" is gorgeous! I hope this doesn't turn into an addiction again. I just need 1 straight unit and 1 body wave/loose curly unit, and I'll be fine.

Monday, December 6, 2010

My best app pictures, as promised:
It's just a tan wigcap underneath. My usual tape layer with a layer of Vapon, then a layer of Hair Direct White Adhesive on top. Look at me trying to struggle with those Caruso's.... I love them though. I know, I know... my grids are showing.... I don't care... too much work... no one should be all up in my head like that anyway. As I always said, bleaching knots leads to shedding.

Weekly Update, Monday morning, 1:37am

I must say that my current application is the BEST app I've ever done (must post pics tomorrow/today). I'm wearing the Indian Remy Body Wave from Lace Secrets. I was so triflin' that I left it in the plastic bag soaked in Goo Gone from the last application in early October. I was too lazy to wash it. I finally washed it this past Wednesday, let it air dry overnight, and carefully put her on Thursday. I fretted about what to do with my hair, considering bulky braids from the last app (last week). I settled on wrapping my hair: I combed MegaTek through it then slathered the clear alcohol free EcoStyler gel through my hair and wrapped it. Then I put a wig cap over it, and put the self adhering bandage around my hairline. It's the second flattest app I've ever had - the first being when I shaved my head. It's so natural looking. I got compliments today. I love this wig... which leads me to say, I finally purchased the 18" Virgin Malaysian straight from Rex and it should be here on Thursday (I WON'T CUT THIS WIG!!!). Depending on how this app is doing, I may not remove it until it starts to lift, and it's still on good and tight. Very itchy nape though... I can't figure that out. I thought my nape was allergic to Walker No Shine tape, but it's so good back there, with the Vapon No Tape on top of it. The itching is unnerving. I used my Caruso Ion Steam Curlers on the hair Friday morning, and the curls were beautiful.... still don't have the hang of curling yet, but I'm getting there. I rinsed the water waves back into it today. I will take pictures when I wake up. This app is too beautiful to not show it.