Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Finished reading "Curly Like Me" by Teri LaFlesh

I just finished reading Teri LaFlesh's "Curly Like Me". I got the idea of using the Denman brush from her website. Her journey was remarkable. My take away tip for regrowing my natural hair: use tons of conditioner, as a shampoo, a rinse, and a comb through. Hair conditioner is the magic elixir. She recommends Aussie Moist, the Herbal Essences line, and the Tressemme line, all of which I use. She recommends not to rinse the comb through rinse. She recommends to wash your hair maybe once every seven days. I do all of this, and will continue to do this. I'm going to forgo textlaxing too, to see how far I can get. My new growth is not that unruly. I may chronicle this go 'round, I don't know. The best advice is to just let the hair grow with the least amount of manipulation. No chemically altering treatments. She's given me the courage to stop textlaxing. We'll see. I still feel good about cutting my hair off and starting over.

I'm still getting "wiggy" with it, and will do so for awhile. I may order my 14" virgin malaysian loose curly this Friday (dipping into my Apple MacBook Pro fund no less).

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