Thursday, December 23, 2010

I did it! I cut off all my hair (again)!

I thought long and hard about cutting my hair. After the dye removing fiasco, I knew it was a matter of time. It's only hair, and thank God for lace wigs (when I want to wear them). I cut it to the new growth. 15 minutes after I cut my hair off today, I had an appointment with my eye doctor. As I walked to his office (his office is that close to my house), I felt liberated, walking through a tony town with short curly hair. I thought my boyfriend would shit bricks when he came home, but he just said "oh, you cut your hair." He wasn't surprised. What led me to this drastic move was last night, when I finally removed the new Rex virgin malaysian, I washed my hair, and as I combed it with the large shower comb, it was coming out like I was picking cotton. I've grown tired of hiding that short side (the left side). I've grown tired of being scared to comb my hair. All of that has led me to start over. I know my hair inside and out, and I betrayed it, with color fickleness. No more. From now on, back to lace wigs and textlaxing every 3-6 months. It wasn't the textlaxing that damaged my hair, it was when I used the dye remover. That was too harsh of a treatment. I should have left well enough alone. This is my punishment/liberation. Back to Megatek, Biotin, homemade oil mixtures, and wearing lace wigs. I filmed me cutting my hair, so I can put it on YouTube.
Speaking of lace wigs, I frankenlaced a wig tonight. I cut the nape off of the Indian Remy Body Wave from Lace Wig Secrets and the front off of my old virgin malaysian loose curly (frankenlace #1) and sewed it to the nape of the IRBW. It looks great. I'll take pics tomorrow, when I put it on. I'm ordering a 14" Virgin Malaysian loose curly on 12/31.... and that will be it.
What a day!

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