Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Look at this lovely hair!

My new 18" Rex Virgin Malaysian Natural Straight. First off, I swear this bad boy has about 150% density. It's so thick. There are no polyurethane strips inside the cap (love it!). I used the CreaClip on it on Monday. Just one cut, and I got these results. That thing is amazing. Just brush the hair into your hand, place the clip around the hair, cut with sharp scissors (or hair clippers is what I used), and voila! Layers! It's about due to come off, but I don't have that much Goo Gone spray, so I'll remove it next Wednesday.... wash it and put it on again. My Indian Remy Body Wave has a huge bald spot in the back from me rubbing that incessant itch (I think I'm allergice to Walker No Shine tape on my nape). I have the hair to re-ventilate, but I don't have the time. I'm going to order a virgin malaysian body wave from Rex at the end of the month. I think maybe 16" or 14"... Selma Hayak's hair in "Grownups" is gorgeous! I hope this doesn't turn into an addiction again. I just need 1 straight unit and 1 body wave/loose curly unit, and I'll be fine.

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