Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekly Update, Monday morning, 1:37am

I must say that my current application is the BEST app I've ever done (must post pics tomorrow/today). I'm wearing the Indian Remy Body Wave from Lace Secrets. I was so triflin' that I left it in the plastic bag soaked in Goo Gone from the last application in early October. I was too lazy to wash it. I finally washed it this past Wednesday, let it air dry overnight, and carefully put her on Thursday. I fretted about what to do with my hair, considering bulky braids from the last app (last week). I settled on wrapping my hair: I combed MegaTek through it then slathered the clear alcohol free EcoStyler gel through my hair and wrapped it. Then I put a wig cap over it, and put the self adhering bandage around my hairline. It's the second flattest app I've ever had - the first being when I shaved my head. It's so natural looking. I got compliments today. I love this wig... which leads me to say, I finally purchased the 18" Virgin Malaysian straight from Rex and it should be here on Thursday (I WON'T CUT THIS WIG!!!). Depending on how this app is doing, I may not remove it until it starts to lift, and it's still on good and tight. Very itchy nape though... I can't figure that out. I thought my nape was allergic to Walker No Shine tape, but it's so good back there, with the Vapon No Tape on top of it. The itching is unnerving. I used my Caruso Ion Steam Curlers on the hair Friday morning, and the curls were beautiful.... still don't have the hang of curling yet, but I'm getting there. I rinsed the water waves back into it today. I will take pictures when I wake up. This app is too beautiful to not show it.

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