Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why is my app clowning?

Why is this application clowning, and not in a good way? This is actually the best picture of this app that I can post (CVS self adhesive bandage showing through medium brown lace - forgive the flash). I put this app on this past Thursday, and tonight, the nape just totally popped up - in two days! I thoroughly cleaned my perimeter with 91-99% alcohol and let it dry. This app was only done with 1 layer of Vapon No Tape and 1 layer of Hair Direct White Adhesive (just re-stocked up). I only use Supertape on my nape. Don't know what happened. I do know that the hair back there is shedding a bit, so I've been low ponytailing it. Maybe I should have double layered? Even I can have an off application. From tomorrow until Wednesday (wig removal day), I'll be wearing her down. I may need to reventilate the back. Yes, this is the wig I just got a month ago, and I've already rubbed the middle nape bald.

Because I've started wearing full lace again to re-grow out my hair, I'm already fed up with the glue and tape. My fellow lace wig wearer Ashley just got a glueless lace wig from Rex and it is gorgeous. You know I have to get on that bandwagon (thanks Ashley!), so I've emailed Rex to see what he can do on a 16" virgin malaysian natural straight and a 14" virgin malaysian loose curly (my new go-to wig). Since I like to wear ponytails, it has to be realistic around the elastic perimeter. More than likely, if it's custom, I'll want curly baby hair around the perimeter, on both. I asked for a quote on silktops also, and if I don't do silktops (because of price), I'll cut a length of the CVS self adhesive bandage, and sew it inside the lace lengthwise from center front hairline to nape down the center, to cover where I'd part it. The bandage I use is 4" wide, so it would cover my side part. I'm excited about the possibilities. Truth be told, I couldn't master the Tootsie's Mom No Glue No Tape method, even though I made a video about how I interpreted the concept. I'm too lazy to try to figure it out. I hope the glueless cap is good. We'll see.

I'm a W-2 away from my dream laptop: a 17" MacBook Pro (2.8 GHz i7, 500 GB @ 7200 rpm, Microsoft Office 2011, Parallels 6). Come on Corinthian Colleges (no longer work there - do you think they're holding my W-2 hostage?)

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  1. you rubbed a hole? lol I know u will ventilate it right? I like straight malaysian then I place curlers in it... it look like my hair freshly permed & flat iron.
    it look very nice on you....


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