Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ending to a Great Week

Work was pretty good tonight, for a Saturday. Even with the birthday feast, I managed to lose another pound, but time will tell on Monday if that pound stays off. I wasn't completely disciplined for the rest of the week, but I won't beat myself up about it.

My LF applications have been really realistic lately, and my hair is growing back healthy - such a relief to comb my hair and not see any left in the sink or the comb (note to self: never use Color Fix ever again, and I'm too old for copper colored hair). I'm taking 5000 mcgs of Biotin everyday; any more than that then I'll start breaking out.

I'm back on the Apple Macbook Pro train also. I had a slight setback, but it looks like I can order it on May 6th (5 pay periods). Who knows when they'll ship it, since it will be custom made. Saving is a kick in the pants, but when I have it, I'll own it outright. I'm so obsessed with that laptop, it's all I can think about.

Also, early congratulations to Natalie Portman for winning Best Actress for tomorrow's Academy Awards. I know she's going to win. She's one of my favorite actresses. Black Swan was a helluva movie. Can't wait til that bad boy comes out on DVD. Trust me, she's going to win. If she doesn't, I'll eat my shoe (wonder how many WW points that is?)

Stay tuned.

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