Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tuesday night/Wednesday/Thursday wig routine

It's Tuesday night (actually Wednesday morning 1:28am) and I just removed the Rex Virgin Malaysian Natural Straight. I used the CreaClip on it again on Sunday night, just to shorten it and shore up the ends a little bit. Think Charlotte's hair on Sex and the City. I love her hair, and Carrie's hair, (all seasons) and Miranda's hair (just during the sixth season). Anyway, during my usual routine of removal, I started out with the 91-99% alcohol to loosen up the edges.... let me digress for a moment. Tell me, why is it that during the wearing time, sometimes, if I look at my front hairline, it wants to pop up, but when it's time to remove, it's like the wig won't budge? One of the mysteries of the wig wearing universe... anyway, back to my removal routine. I discovered that when I use my cheapie co-washing conditioner to remove the glue and tape, the clean up is a breeze. I bought some extra bottles of the 79 cents VO5 (Moisturizing) Conditioner and I liberally slather it all around my hairline (after I've removed the wig). The glue that's left on my skin practically slides off. This is a more gentle way to remove the glue gunk than just straight alcohol. Just wanted to share.

I also want to share another glorious find: Organix has come out with a new conditioner (and I'm sure shampoo, but I'm not interested in the shampoo) called Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil, in the robin's egg blue bottle with the gold cap. It smells wonderful. I'm definitely going to stock up on this conditioner, just for the smell. I making this my leave in. .

Macbook Pro update: I'm really close to placing the order. I've got car issues, I'm getting back a little less than I thought I was, refund-wise, and I just found out I have Type 2 diabetes (wasn't expecting that news). I hope to place the order maybe by 2/11 and have it by 2/25 (in time for my birthday), so I can blog more often. I've decided to get the 14" virgin malaysian loose curly for the glueless cap wig experiment, and if that works out, then I'll get the 16" virgin malaysian natural straight. That's all I need for my wig rotation, a straight unit and a loose curly unit. I'm pretty conservative in my hair looks. I'll keep you all posted.


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