Monday, March 7, 2011

The Rex virgin malaysian natural straight is holding up. This is one of my better apps, if I must say. The highlights are from spraying Sun-In on it. I still need to ventilate a little bit more in the back (when I'm in the mood for hair all over the place - don't know why I didn't use my drawing cards). Honestly, I can't wait until I recover from last year's hair disaster, and I don't want to wear wigs everyday... notice I said "want to" as opposed to "have to". This is totally a choice on my part right now. It's winter and I don't want to wet my head everyday to spring my curls to life. Wigs are a great option as a hairstyling tool. I'm loving the shorter lengths nowadays. 14"-16". I may even try a 12" loose curly soon.

On the natural hair front, it's growing in nicely, from my self hack job on 12/22/2010:
I know it will grow. You know it will grow. I have to get out of my own way... by hiding it under my lace wigs. My edges are intact. The glueless option is still on my list.

On other fronts, I will be able to exchange my new iPad 1 for the new iPad 2 on Saturday. Once I get it, I will trick it out with a new skin from DecalGirl:

This skin is so me. It probably won't fit the iPad 2, but I already ordered it, and I'm going to cut it to fit.

Off to work I go...

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