Tuesday, May 7, 2013

26 Months To The Day! I'm Back!

I've been on hiatus for 26 months. I can't believe it's been that long since I posted anything hair related. The things I've done, the things I've seen, the places I've been, the things that have happened to me. I experienced life at its fullest (breakups, death, cross country moves, new relationships, etc.), and I'm still experiencing it. Life happens everyday and I refuse to sleep through it as the days come and go.

I can't believe, after arduously growing my hair out for three years, that I cut all that progress off in October 2012! What the F was I thinking? Here's a brief journey in pictures, 2011-2013:



the pinnacle of curly:
Then I chopped and straightened my hair. I thought I could give myself a pixie cut: 

I tucked in one last lace wig wearing. This was a virgin brazillian natural straight from Rex. It WAS beautiful... and as always, why did I cut it? I'm NEVER cutting a wig (or my hair) again:

 then I cut it: 

Jan - Feb 2013: I succumbed to the creamy crack once again, but I know my pixie was laid! Funny how with each picture, my hair kept getting shorter and shorter (I was channeling Gennifer Goodwin, but then I saw Charlize Theron on the Oscars, and I was done!) By this time, I knew I was going to do the super short, curly grow out.
And now, back to square one for the third time. As they say, third time's a charm. April 2013. I stopped flat ironing and sitting under a hair dryer to straighten, and noticed that I hadn't relaxed the curl completely straight. I took the scissors and chopped off all the straight ends. I don't care that it's all uneven. It actually is but I don't comb my hair that often. It curls up when wet. It's been a couple of months since I relaxed my hair, so I wanted to release the curl a bit with my first textlax of the year.
I left the MILD relaxer (still using Silk Elements MILD) on for five minutes, then rinsed it out, then washed with SE Neutralizing Shampoo. I followed up with Silk Elements Luxury Moisturizer. I'm happy with the results. I have to stop here, because this is a crucial period in textlaxing. This is where the hair is lifted off of the scalp, and the ends have the bend. I can't textlax again for at least 2-3 months. This is a crucial time in textlaxing.
It was April 2009 when I started my original "natural" hair growth journey. Just imagine where my hair would be if I hadn't messed it up with that first time all over bleaching in November 2009, then forgetting that I bleached and used Color Fix in August 2010. I watched my hair break off strand by strand. I will still textlax, because I love how my curl looks, but no drastic things like bleaching and the Color Fix. Here we go again, but now, I know what my hair can do, and what not to do. It's just a matter of letting the time pass, and leaving my hair alone. I'm still co-washing, and I still love Finesse Moisturizing conditioner, and Silk Elements Luxury Moisturizing conditioner. I'll need to buy more Mega-Tek conditioner. I don't know if it worked or not... but I think it did.
What started all of this over for me is that I got a Rex lace wig itch today. I haven't felt that "kick" since last year when I got the virgin brazillian. This time, I'm leaning towards 12-14", nothing too long, and I'm really leaning towards a wavy. I shouldn't have cut that brazillian. In it's natural state, is WAS wavy.... or at least it was before I washed it. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't get the Tootsie's Method of attachment down where it looked natural to me, so I abandoned it. If I partake in another wig adventure, it'll still be Hair Direct white adhesive for me (which I still have), SuperTape and Vapon, my old tried and true staples. I'm in Georgia now, so I don't know what summer time heat feels like here. We'll see... if I choose to go down this road. I'm not planning on doing any new videos, as there's nothing else new to do. For now, I'll just stick with posting pictures. Stay tuned.