Thursday, June 6, 2013



The Mega-Tek was delivered today and on my head as soon as I could open the box. Not bad shipping, since I just ordered it on Tuesday. I'm going to do Mega-Tek once a week, and do growth pictures once a month, on the 6th or 7th. If all goes well, and I have the patience, I'll see shoulder length in three years. I just have to think of my hair as a "non-issue", something that I have, like my skin. I'll take care of it, but not do too much to it. Wash once a month (or more, depending on the smell/buildup of conditioner), co-wash every 3 days, Mega-Tek once a week, daily use of Finesse Moisturizing conditioner, and hope my greys don't take over.
Here's my monthly picture, dry curls, then combed out (before I rinsed today's application of Mega-Tek out):
Today is my "official" starting point. I'm starting at a longer length than my original big chop of 2009. I want to really try to stretch out the textlaxing applications. I want to see some curly "beady-beads" before I do another application. I'm thinking September... ha ha.

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