Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

Sorry that I don't update that often, but today is a major day.
1 year to the day (5/7/2013-5/7/2014):
Patience, patience, lots of hair conditioner, more patience, and more patience. I'm on such a great path to my hair goal: 

My routine is still so simple: rinse with water every morning, apply conditioner as a hair dressing, to define my curls (upper right picture). Right now, I'm using Herbal Essence Honey I'm Strong conditioner everyday (until it's gone). I co-wash once a week with the cheap Suave conditioners and follow that up with a coating of coconut oil. I comb out my hair once a month, and textlax my roots as needed (seems like it's once a month). I've become friends with my tub of powered bleach, hence the blond curls. I know I have to be careful with the bleach - don't want another disaster like August 2010. I'm still taking my 10,000 mcg of biotin daily. Hopefully I can make it through another year.

I was able to pull it up into a small puff a couple of weeks ago:
I like my blond in the back... I saw it on Pinterest and I had to do it. The longer my hair gets, the more fun it is.