Tuesday, July 1, 2014

MegaTek Day

 Today, I decided start using MegaTek again, to see if it would help my growth in any way. I got it from Amazon.com and it was delivered this morning. I did the full "part and apply" method all over my head and I'm leaving it on until probably tomorrow. I'll do this once a month. Today was supposed to be a textlaxing day, I'm going to see how far I can stretch it. I did hit up my edges a bit because they were getting a bit puffy. Still happy with my growth progress. I can successfully rock a little pony puff on a regular basis. I love that I'm strictly a wash and go gal. So low maintenance. I'm still experimenting with various conditioners as leave ins/styling aids. I probably will buy some type of container from Sally's Beauty that will allow me to mix in conditioner and water to weaken it. Most of it ends up being crunchy on my hair. I think adding a little water will give me enough hold and definition to my curls without being crunchy. Today was a comb-out day as well. I'll try to comb it out at least once a month to get rid of all the shedding hair.